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Despite the Commonwealth of Virginia adding building code in recent years making carbon monoxide detectors mandatory in new buildings, including for educational purposes, it doesn’t apply to those built before 2015. This means a majority of educational facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia are not required to have CO detectors on site. Leading to events like the one at my children's daycare.

The only way to make this mandatory is by updating Virginia's Building Code – which requires legislation to do.

In addition to legislative changes, however, we shouldn't be waiting on someone telling us we HAVE to do something to know we NEED to do something. And that's where the presentation below comes in. We all have the power and responsibility to make our educational spaces safer.


The stakeholders for this initiative are legislators, school systems, parents, educators, faculties and 

education/health organizations. Click here to download "A Cause for Alarm" Presentation to share with your teams, families and elected officials. Advocacy creates policy and change.

Need someone to facilitate this presentation or appear (virtually) as your special guest?

Reach me on the Contact page.

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